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Clever Work Van Storage Ideas to Make the Most of Your Cargo Space

Clever Work Van Storage Ideas to Make the Most of Your Cargo Space
30 April 2020

 Clever Work Van Storage Ideas to Make the Most of Your Cargo Space

Having properly organised van storage is vital for any business that uses a cargo van. Keeping things in order makes everything easier to find, and also reduces the risk of damaging equipment. But it can be difficult to know where to start, what to get and how to organise everything, so we’ve compiled this guide on van storage solutions so you have one less thing to worry about.


There are loads of easy and cost-effective ways of getting your cargo space in order. Whether it’s smaller plastic bins and easy to install nets to large shelves and drawers, there’s something for every type of van. It all depends on the size of your van and how much space you have.

Van Storage Bins, Boxes and Nets

Bins, boxes and nets are the ideal small van storage ideas. They’re lighter, smaller and easier to install. But they also work perfectly in larger vans too, adding some extra spaces for loose items to supplement larger storage spaces.


Work van storage bins come in all shapes and sizes so there’s something suited to all cargo areas. Large stacking bins are perfect for those looking for something more adaptable to carry larger items or go for a panel with multiple smaller bins for easy access to smaller items. Van storage bins are a great way to keep things perfectly organised.


Storage boxes for vans tend to be larger than bins, often stacking on top of each other to make the most of your space. These also come with lids to keep items safe and secure.


Perfect for keeping loose items from rolling around as well as making the most of walls and smaller spaces, van storage nets are super light and easy to install. They can attach to any surface to keep your space free from clutter.


These storage ideas for smaller vans are perfect for any of our current small van lease deals. Browse our current offers for an amazing price on franchise-supplied vans and make the most of the compact storage area with these tips.

Work Van Shelves, Drawers and Secure Storage

For large and medium-sized vans, there’s van shelves, drawers and secure storage. These larger, more capable solutions really make the most of your available space with heavy-duty construction and ample space.


Work van shelving units fit perfectly to the walls of the cargo space to give you plenty of places to store your items. Large flat van shelves are ideal for keeping boxes and bins, whilst shelving units with smaller cubby holes handle loose items to keep them separate.


For something more heavy-duty, robust van storage drawers are ideal for keeping expensive or fragile items safe. Lockable drawers add security whilst larger cabinets of drawers add lots of handy storage spaces.


Need something with a larger cargo space? Explore our current medium van leases and large van deals for vehicles with ample space perfect for upgrading with added storage.

How to organise a work van

Organising your van’s space is equally as important as having the right storage solutions.

The way your work van is organised depends on what you use it for, but there are some general tips that everyone can use to ensure efficiency.

Label everything!

Make sure everything is labelled, colour-coded or marked in some way that tells you what’s inside. This makes it easier to find any item, as well as making it quicker to put things away.

Large items by the door

Keep your larger items and pieces of equipment close to the doors. This is so you don't have to venture all the way into the cargo space of your van and carry out heavier or awkwardly shaped pieces of equipment.

Grouping similar tools

The easiest way to organise your van by grouping similar items together. Keep all hammers, screws or other items in one area so you know exactly where everything is.

Task-oriented toolboxes/sections

Create task-dedicated toolboxes or bins for tasks you carry out daily. When you need to carry out a job task, locate that toolbox and everything you need is in one place, with no need to search around your van for each item. You can also add frequently used tools to multiple areas to ensure you’ve always got one to hand.

Make putting things away easy

To ensure everything is kept where it’s meant to go, make putting all your equipment away as effortless as possible. This makes packing away quick convenient, meaning you’re less likely to give up and dump items in the wrong place.


If you need to upgrade your storage space or downsize in order to declutter, explore our massive range of van manufacturers to choose the perfect work van.

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