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Ford Transit Range: Which Van Suits You Best

Ford Transit Range: Which Van Suits You Best
02 June 2020

The Ford Transit is an ever-popular workhorse that’s well-known for reliability and quality. 

It’s not just one van - it’s a whole range of quality models offering different points for different needs. Choosing the perfect van is essential for any business, so explore our Transit Van guide to find a Ford model that will make your life, and your job, easier than ever.

How the Ford Transit range works

The Ford Transit has been the UK van driver’s vehicle of choice for years due to its ease of use and pure practicality. With the original van launched back in 1965, Transit is now its own range of models.

What are the Ford Transit models?

In size order, the Ford Transit models are:


- Transit: long and extra-long wheelbase.


- Transit Custom: short and medium wheelbase.


- Transit Connect: a smaller version of the Custom.


- Transit Courier: the smallest Transit model, larger than the Fiesta Van.

Ford Transit Model Highlights

Each model offers different benefits, making each van suited to different types of businesses. Explore our below guide on each model for the highlights, dimensions, capacities and costs for each Ford Transit van model.

Ford Transit

The Ford Transit is the flagship model, offering the largest carrying capacity of the range. It’s one of the most popular large commercial vans in the country, and it’s easy to see why.

Who uses it

As the Transit is so large, it’s perfect for carrying a manner of goods. It’s this versatility that means it works perfectly in any scenario, from being used as a large courier vehicle to being as a tradesman’s van. There are two trim levels, three load lengths and two roof heights to choose from. It’s adaptable to say the least.


The drive of the Ford Transit is tight and agile for such a large model. It never feels too heavy and the suspension is perfectly tuned even with full cargo space. Every single new Transit comes with a built-in 4G modem as standard, keeping you connected to the internet and allowing you to pair your phone with your van via Ford Pass for remote access.

Ford Transit Dimensions

Ford Transit height: 2,353mm

Ford Transit width: 1,974mm

Ford Transit length: 5,230mm

Ford Transit Capacity

Ford Transit storage space: from 6.1m³ to 15.1m³

Ford Transit payload: from 895kg to 2,200kg


Ford Transit tax: £250

Ford Transit MPG: up to 42.8mpg combined

Ford Transit price: From £263.18 monthly


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Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is the second-largest van in the range, mixing touches of the brand’s style with pure practicality.

Who uses it

You can easily fit in all types of equipment in the rear of the Ford Transit Custom, being a larger mid-sized van. The easy access rear makes getting in and out easy, perfect for loading up quickly and efficiently. It’s the tradesman’s van of choice.


Not only is it a highly practical van, but the Transit Custom also looks stylish too. Its sleek front end features modern touches and angled headlights for an athletic edge whilst still offering all the capabilities expected of a commercial vehicle.

Ford Transit Custom Dimensions

Ford Transit Custom height: 2,000mm

Ford Transit Custom width: 2,080mm

Ford Transit Custom length: 4,973mm

Ford Transit Custom Capacity

Ford Transit Custom storage space: from 1.3m³ to 6m³

Ford Transit Custom payload: from 1,100kg to 1,422kg

Ford Transit Custom Costs

Ford Transit Custom Tax: £250

Ford Transit Custom MPG: up to 41.1mpg combined

Ford Transit Custom price: From £258.90 monthly


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Ford Transit Connect

Super sophisticated and highly capable, the Ford Transit Connect is the perfect nimble city van. It can handle anything you throw at it, offering plenty of cargo space and handy functionality.

Who uses it

It’s perfect for smaller businesses who need less cargo space or are after a more compact van. Think delivery, courier and lighter trades.


The focal points of the Transit Connect are the load-through bulkhead, flexible seating and cutting-edge tech. It’s practical in every way, making easy work of any task from darting through the city to cruising along the motorway with all your equipment secured in the back.

Ford Transit Connect Dimensions

Ford Transit Connect height: 1,844mm

Ford Transit Connect width: 1,835mm

Ford Transit Connect length: 4,425mm

Ford Transit Connect Capacity

Ford Transit Connect storage space: from 1.3m³ to 6m³

Ford Transit Connect payload: from 834kg to 782kg

Ford Transit Connect Costs

Ford Transit Connect Tax: £250

Ford Transit Connect MPG: up to 60.1mpg combined

Ford Transit Connect price: From £191.73 monthly


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Ford Transit Courier

The Ford Transit Courier feels like a car, with the added cargo space of a small van. That’s what makes it so popular in the UK! It offers an agile drive whilst stowing equipment in the back.

Who uses it

Due to its compact size, the Transit Courier is ideal for smaller businesses or those with less equipment. Its are ideal for carrying around a few items in the back, making it ideal for deliveries or lighter trades.


At the heart of the Courier is a SYNC 3 system, offering easy access for various systems. It keeps you connected whilst out on a job, getting you there via maps and taking hands-free calls via Bluetooth. Don’t be fooled by its dimensions as there’s plenty of space in the cargo area.

Ford Transit Courier Dimensions

Ford Transit Courier height: 1,770mm

Ford Transit Courier width: 1,764mm

Ford Transit Courier length: 4,157mm

Ford Transit Courier Capacity

Ford Transit Courier storage space: 2.3m³

Ford Transit Courier payload: from 519kg to 595kg

Ford Transit Courier Costs

Ford Transit Courier Tax: £250

Ford Transit Courier MPG: 52.3mpg

Ford Transit Courier price: From £161.65 monthly


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Choose your Ford Transit van today

With variations within each model, there’s something from the Ford Transit range for everyone. You’ll find the ideal vehicle whether you’re a caterer, in events set up or work in construction. The Transit is known for its versatility whilst on the job, with modern touches and the latest tech making your job simpler. Get in touch with us today to learn more by calling 01159 448771 or explore our current Ford Van Leasing deals now.



*Information and pricing correct at time of publishing (02/06/20), subject to change.

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