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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Your Questions Answered

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Your Questions Answered
12 October 2020

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is one of the most versatile vans on the market. It’s designed to take help your business in every way, with plenty of driver and convenience tech included as standard. All Sprinter vans come with Mercedes PRO connect, giving you real-time info on your fleet too, keeping everything connected.


We answer all your questions about the Sprinter, running you through the dimensions capacities and costs as well as available models and lengths.

Mercedes PRO Connect

Keep an eye on every aspect of your business with Mercedes PRO Connect. Get updated on efficiency, security and safety with a free three-year subscription package on all new Sprinter vans.

What’s included with Mercedes PRO Connect?




  • Fleet communication

  • Maintenance and repair management

  • Vehicle operations

  • Software updates

  • Eco-Monitor

  • Digital driver log

  • Digital trip management




  • In-van internet

  • Vehicle supervision

  • Remote control vehicle access

  • Theft alert




  • Emergency call system

  • Accident & breakdown management

  • Driving style analysis

Sprinter Models

There are two Mercedes-Benz Sprinter models to choose from: The Panel Van and the Crew Van.


The Mercedes Sprinter Panel Van is the standard model, coming with three seats and plenty of cargo space. The Sprinter Crew Van comes with six seats and added side windows for the additional passengers, designed for transporting your team in comfort.


The Sprinter is available as four lengths, L1, L2, L3 and L4 and three heights, H1, H2 and H3.

How long is a Mercedes Sprinter?

Mercedes Sprinter L1 Length: 5,267mm

Mercedes Sprinter L2 Length: 5,932mm

Mercedes Sprinter L3 Length: 6,967mm

Mercedes Sprinter L4 Length: 7,367mm

How tall is a Mercedes sprinter van?

Mercedes Sprinter H1 Height: 2,356mm

Mercedes Sprinter H2 Height: 2,620mm

Mercedes Sprinter H3 Height: 2,825mm

What weight can a Mercedes Sprinter van carry?

The payload for the Sprinter varies depending on the engine size, whether it’s front or rear-wheel drive, the length and the height.


Sprinter Pure payload: 842-915kg

Sprinter Progressive payload: 985-2,529kg

Sprinter Premium payload: 988-2,508kg

What’s the weight of a Mercedes Sprinter van?

The Sprinter’s weight depends on which model, engine, length and height you go for. It ranges from 3,000kg for the L1 H1 FWD model, right up to 5,000kg for the L4 H2 RWD van.

How many seats in a Mercedes Sprinter?

The Sprinter Panel Van comes with three seats as standard. It’s a bench row with a single driver’s seat and double passenger seat.


The Sprinter Crew Van opens up passenger space with an extra three seats in the rear, ideal for transporting the team from job to job in comfort.

What mileage does the Mercedes Sprinter get?

The Sprinter’s fuel consumption varies on the engine and weight of the vehicle, ranging from 29.1 to 32.1mpg combined.

How much is a Mercedes Sprinter van?

Again, the prices for the Sprinter vary. But at Best Van Deals, our prices start from just £259.25 per month!  This means you can get the perfect van suited to your business’ needs with a low monthly cost. To learn more, explore our current Mercedes Sprinter lease deals.


Give us a call on 01159 448771 or get in touch with us today to learn more, or explore all our current Mercedes-Benz lease deals.


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