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Mitsubishi’s UK Exit: Don't Worry!

Mitsubishi’s UK Exit: Don't Worry!
24 September 2020

The recent news of Mitsubishi leaving the UK and Europe means that they won’t be introducing any new models to the market.


But don’t worry if you’ve been considering a Mitsubishi as your next company vehicle, or even if you’ve recently got an L200, Outlander, Mirage, Shogun Sport, ASX or Eclipse Cross, as you’ll still have all the support you need.


The manufacturer has promised (and is legally obliged) to cover all warranties for both existing and new vehicles. The only thing that’s stopping for now is the introduction of new models so there’s nothing to worry about if you’re a new owner or on the lookout for a Mitsubishi vehicle.

Mitsubishi Spokesperson Statements

Read below for a few official statements from Mitsubishi.


"All our clients will be taken care of for as long as they are running our vehicles, that is a guarantee."


“Stock-wise we have access to a minimum of around 15,000 new vehicles across the entire range presently, with the option to order more L200 and Mirage stock further down the line, so we have no concerns in terms of vehicle supply for the foreseeable future.”


“Mitsubishi is continuing and we’re continuing to operate. Yes, there are no new models being introduced into the market, but this isn’t simply the story of a brand pulling out and disappearing.


We’ll still have new and used car stock well into 2021 and new cars available to buy well into 2022 and beyond.”

What does this actually mean?

So far, this only means that no new-generation models with be released in the UK and Europe. But you can still get any of the current models, with 15,000 Mitshubishi vehicles in stock across the country.


They also won’t be changing its current range to meet any future emissions regulations. The L200 pick-up will no longer meet Euro 7 emission regulations by the end of 2021, meaning it can’t be sold new after 2021.


Mitsubishi said that they’ll continue to sell the current range of vehicles with all the customer support expected of getting a new vehicle. This means that servicing, repair, warranty, recalls, parts and accessories will be completely unaffected, for both current Mitsubishi drivers and anyone getting a new Mitsubishi vehicle.


There’s no need to worry, as Mitsubishi models will be taken care of full warranties covering all existing and new vehicles for the full term. There are an estimated 350,000 Mitsubishi vehicles on the road in the UK, will all these models still being taken care of in terms of servicing, parts, warranties etc.

Mitsubishi Model Availability

The L200, Mirage and Shogun sport has enough units to keep on selling for the next two years. The Outlander (PHEV and petrol), ASX and Eclipse Cross should have enough stock for another year of availability in the UK. So if you’re looking to get your hands on one of these models in the coming months there’s no rush.


For anyone considering getting a Mitsubishi Van Lease Deal, don’t fret. They’re legally obliged to support any new vehicle for ten years, including full servicing and parts. Don’t let this news stop you from choosing the perfect van lease deal to match your business!


If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help, whether it’s regarding the Mitsubishi exit or any of our van lease deals. Or give us a ring on 01159 448771 for a friendly chat.

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