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Peugeot Boxer Van: Models, Wheelbases & Heights Explained

Peugeot Boxer Van: Models, Wheelbases & Heights Explained
25 August 2020

The Peugeot Boxer comes in an array of handy configurations to match your business needs. There’s multiple wheelbase lengths, heights and different models designed to handle different terrains. And there’s a fully electric Peugeot Boxer coming soon too! For small businesses after a single van or larger companies looking to add to their fleet, you’ll find the ideal Peugeot Boxer van with the dimensions to match your everyday needs.


We’ve compiled this quick guide on the dimensions, including height, length and capacities of each wheelbase and roof variant to show the differences between models.

Peugeot Boxer Models Explained

Along with the standard S and Professional versions, there are Grip and Asphalt models that are designed with a specific type of driving in mind.


The Peugeot Boxer S is the base model, coming with everything you need to get going. This includes a DAB radio with Bluetooth, USB ports and steering-wheel controls.


Adding to the S model, the Boxer Grip is made to handle rougher terrain. It’s perfect for tackling handling dirt roads and muddy paths thanks to mud flaps, all-season tyres and enhanced traction system with five modes.


The Peugeot Boxer Professional brings added convenience and comfort, with air conditioning, cruise control and a 5-inch touchscreen that gives easy access to the built-in satnav.


Made for businesses who cover a lot of mileage, the Peugeot Boxer Asphalt brings even more comfort to the cabin. A driver’s armrest and lumbar support mean you can cruise for miles whilst relaxing in that perfect spot, whilst a Drive Assist Pack (made up of Speed Limit Recognition, Lane Departure Warning, Smart Beam Headlights and more) makes every drive easier.

Peugeot Boxer Wheelbases Explained

The Boxer comes in loads of configurations to match your daily operations. There are four lengths (L1, L2, L4 & L4) to choose from. Explore below to see how the differences between each Peugeot Boxer’s dimensions.

Peugeot Boxer L1

The L1 is the Boxer SWB. You still get a lot of room to play with, ideal for smaller businesses who can make use of a more compact van.

Peugeot Boxer L1 Dimensions

Load Length: 2,670mm

Van Length: 4,963mm

Peugeot Boxer L1 Capacity

Load Volume: 8m³

Payload: up to 1,425kg

Peugeot Boxer L2

The L2 is the MWB Boxer, adding 450mm of loadspace to the cargo area. This is ideal for anyone who needs a touch more load space whilst in the back.

Peugeot Boxer L2 Dimensions

Load Length: 3,120mm

Van Length: 5,413mm

Peugeot Boxer L2 Capacity

Load Volume: 10m³ (H1), 11.5m³ (H2)

Payload: up to 1545kg

Peugeot Boxer L3

The L3 is the Boxer LWB version, adding 585mm of load length. This longer model is ideal for companies who need plenty of room in the caro area.

Peugeot Boxer L3 Dimensions

Load Length: 3,705mm

Van Length: 5,998mm

Peugeot Boxer L3 Capacity

Load Volume: 13m³ (H2), 15m³ (H3)

Payload: up to 1485kg

Peugeot Boxer L4

The L4 is the extra-long wheelbase version of the L4, with a whopping 1,400mm more load length than the L1. Boxer L4 vans are ideal for businesses who regularly transport long loads.

Peugeot Boxer L Dimensions

Load Length: 4,070mm

Van Length: 6,363mm

Peugeot Boxer L4 Capacity

Load Volume: 15m³ (H2), 17m³ (H3)

Payload: up to 1870kg


Peugeot Boxer Roof Heights

You can also specify the roof height of your Peugeot Boxer, but it depends on which wheelbase you go for.

Peugeot Boxer H1

With the L1 and L2.

Load Height: 1,662mm

Van Height: 2,254mm

Peugeot Boxer H2

With the L2, L3 & L4

Load Height: 1,932mm

Van Height:2,522mm

Peugeot Boxer H3

With the L3 & L4

Load Height: 2,172mm

Van Height: 2,760mm

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