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Volkswagen Crafter Van: Everything You Need to Know

Volkswagen Crafter Van: Everything You Need to Know
22 July 2020

The Volkswagen Crafter is an award-winning workhorse. It offers everything your business needs: comfort, practicality and space. It makes your daily life easier with the brand’s latest tech and punchy and efficient engines. The Crafter means business.

Volkswagen Crafter Sizes Explained

This versatile panel van comes in multiple configurations. It’s available as:

  • Crafter Medium Wheelbase (MWB) - the standard model

  • Crafter Long Wheelbase (LWB) -  the mid-sized model

  • Crafter Long Wheelbase (LWB) Maxi - the longest model


As well as the wheelbase length, you can also choose the roof height:

  • Low roof (optional) - shortest model

  • High roof (standard) - mid-sized model

  • Super-high rood (optional) - tallest model

VW Crafter Van Highlights

The new Volkswagen Crafter brings mod-cons and driver tech to a utility-based model. It feels like a premium car.


It’s important to be comfortable in your van, especially on those long working days. That’s where the ergoComfort suspension seats come in. Not only can you adjust it in 20 different ways, but it actively minimises jolts and bumps felt through the seat.


Driver storage is also necessary for any company van, with the Crafter offering a space for everything you could need in your day-to-day job. This includes the largest glove compartment compared to similar-sized vans, roof shelves, a convenient open storage section and more!


An optional Discover Media infotainment system keeps you connected during the working day. Car-Net keeps an eye on your van’s engine and parts with the Security and Service feature, Guide & Inform gets you to each job on time whilst avoiding traffic and App-Connect pairs seamlessly with your smartphone. It’s like having a second office.

Wheelbase Differences

With three different wheelbase lengths available, there’s a VW Crafter for every type of business.

VW Crafter Van Medium Wheelbase (MWB)

The Crafter MWB is ideal for anyone looking for a large-sized van with plenty of storage space inside. Even with the smallest load and vehicle length, there’s still plenty of room to play with inside.

VW Crafter Medium Wheelbase (MWB) Dimensions

VW Crafter MWB load length: 3,450mm 

VW Crafter MWB length: 5,986 mm

VW Crafter Medium Wheelbase (MWB) Capacity

VW Crafter Medium Wheelbase (MWB) load volume: 10.7m³

VW Crafter Medium Wheelbase (MWB) payload: up to 2,572kg

VW Crafter Van Long Wheelbase (LWB)

The LWB Crafter adds an extra 850mm of both load space and vehicle length, even further opening up your storage options.

VW Crafter Van Long Wheelbase (LWB) Dimensions

VW Crafter LWB load length: 4,300mm 

VW Crafter LWB length: 6,836 mm

VW Crafter Van Long Wheelbase (LWB) Capacity

VW Crafter Long Wheelbase (LWB) load volume: 14.4m³

VW Crafter Long Wheelbase (LWB) payload: up to 2,745kg

VW Crafter Van Long Wheelbase Maxi

The Crafter LWB Maxi offers the most space of all models, with 555mm more load space and vehicle length. This is ideal for businesses who need to transport longer loads and store many pieces of equipment.

VW Crafter Van Long Wheelbase Maxi Dimensions

VW Crafter LWB Maxi load length: 4,855mm

VW Crafter LWB Maxi length: 7,391 mm

VW Crafter Van Long Wheelbase Maxi Capacity

VW Crafter Long Wheelbase Maxi load volume: 16.4m³

VW Crafter Long Wheelbase Maxi payload: up to 2,777kg

VW Crafter Roof heights

Every Volkswagen Crafter van is available with a choice of roof heights so you can further open up cargo space.

Low roof

VW Crafter low roof height: 2,355 mm

High roof

VW Crafter high roof height: 2,590mm

Super high roof

VW Crafter super high roof height: 2,798mm


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Chassis Cab and Dropside

There are also two other specialist Crafter vans available, doing away with the standard panel design.


The Crafter Chassis Cab removes the panels to expose the rear chassis, designed for adding your own storage solution on the back. The front cab is available as a single or double, offering the utmost comfort.


The Crafter Dropside is made in partnership with conversion specialists Ingimex, coming with a sturdy, spacious cargo bed already attached to the rear chassis. Choose the perfect wheelbase, load bed length and cab size for your business.

Get your Volkswagen Crafter van today


There’s truly a Crafter van for every type of business. Explore the Volkswagen Crafter range to find the ideal workhorse that makes your working life easier. The German brand is known for its reliable, durable designs and practical features. Get in touch with us now on for more information, or explore the latest Volkswagen Van leasing deals.

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